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Friday, March 22
Our Story

Where should we start? Maybe at the beginning...the very beginning.

The Hubbs estate, now known and Angeline's Inn, started off as a 112 acre parcel of land which was severed from the Noxon estate in 1869. This was during the most prosperous era in Bloomfield known as the "Barley Days" when many of the County residents became wealthy with the exporting of grains to the United States. The new owner of the land were Angeline's and Henry Hubbs, proud Loyalist descendants and active Quaker preachers in the village. Their prominent lot at the major intersections of Wellington Street (Highway 33) and Danforth Road (Highway 62) was the perfect place to build their very in vogue Italianate style home.

Over the years many people have owned the grand Victorian house using it as a private home, boarding house and country escape. In the early 1950's the Walter Motor Inn was built and was the first of its kind in the County. A few decades later it became known as the Coachouse Motel and lastly the Bloomfield Inn. 

It isn't until the 1980's that the Fida family comes into the story. Freshly immigrated from Switzerland the young family with 1 child and another on the way moved into a cramped apartment near the Danforth in Toronto. Willie Fida, then a young and ambitious chef, was working at the Harbour Castle Inn (Hilton) along side Chef "Papa Schnell". Yearning to get out of the city and start on his own place Willie moved his young family to a remote little village called Bloomfield to start his dream which became known as Angeline's Restaurant. 

The fine dining establishment (the first of its kind in the area) was a huge success for over 24 years. Willie and Monika's children, Alexandre and Melanie, were introduced to the hospitality industry from the day they moved to Bloomfield. You could say that they were bred into the business.

Tragedy struck the family in early 2007 when Willie Fida died suddenly in a car accident. Alexandre and Melanie, 20 and 17 years at the time, were faced with the decision on what to do: keep or sell. Taking a leap of faith the two decided (along with the guidance of their mother) to continue the family business and become second generation inn-keepers. Growing up in the business had its perks. They knew exactly how the place ran and what it took and the change of ownership was the start of the evolution.

Alexandre started his degree in Interior Design in Florence, Italy and finished his schooling with honours at Ryerson's prestigious Interior Design program. Since then he has used Angeline's as his canvas and has transformed the spaces into unique and original rooms pulling inspiration from the finest thrift stores and yard sales the world has to offer. He now is the full time Inn keeper at Angeline's, the inn-house designer and local historian. He's a real nerd that way.

Melanie was just finishing her last year of high school when she took over the family business.The brains of the family, when not at the Inn she is a full time nurse and Doula. So no need to worry, we have a nurse on staff who will take good care of you.